Since 1990 Frank has been working as a part-time Wedding MC & Event Compere in Sydney (Australia). Frank is experienced in hosting all types of events including weddings, engagements and corporate. His energy, passion, commitment and experience are reassurance that your function or event happens exactly the way you plan it.

Frank specialises in all types of ceremonies, from formal and traditional to modern and contemporary. Whether you have a large 500+ guest list or a smaller more intimate gathering in mind, Frank will be the “Master” of your Ceremony.

Frank is able to speak and read Italian fluently, and if requested can also say a welcoming and introduction in Greek, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Assyrian and Croatian.

“I feel that when the MC delivers the opening or welcoming to a wedding, he has to make a connection with your guests, being able to say a few words of welcome in your chosen language provides an excellent way of making that connection”.

Frank also believes a good MC should be “heard and not seen”. For this reason the role of the MC is to ensure that the focus of the event is the Bride and Groom, the Bridal Party and the families. At the end of the night, your wedding guests should remember your wedding for what it is – your celebration.

Frank as your MC


When you engage the services of a professional MC you can be sure that your event will be delivered exactly the way you envisage. As a professional MC, Frank understands the amount of planning and preparation that you have put into your event.

Many couples think the role of an MC is merely to introduce and make announcements. Although this may be true in many respects, there is a lot more to running an event than just making announcements.

As a Professional MC, Frank will manage all the details and ensure that everything that makes your wedding reception great all works seamlessly. From the initial welcoming, organising and announcing formalities, bouquet and farewells, whilst making sure your event runs per schedule, Frank will professionally facilitate all elements of your reception.


As a professional, Frank knows exactly what to say, how to say it and when to say it so everyone can be included in your events proceedings. He pays particular attention to small details, especially the correct pronunciation of family names. As your MC he is organised and able to “quietly and discreetly” take control of all the MC’s tasks with energy, efficiency and professionalism.

A good MC needs to be in control of the night with a clear, well understood and commanding voice. From the initial welcoming announcements to the final farewell, your MC will ensure a smooth and flowing event, whilst adding energy and personality but without ever dominating proceedings. As your MC, Frank is there to represent you and to ensure that guests stay informed, engaged and entertained.


Having MC’d weddings and events for over 25 years Frank has gained a great level of experience.

Having that level of experience is your assurance that you are in very good hands. More importantly Frank gives freely of his experience and is always available to offer assistance and support. He understands the importance of good timing both on and off the microphone and is able to call upon his experience to manage any unforeseen issues that occur on the night.

Having a well-intentioned relative or family friend as your MC can be a great honour. However, on many occasions your chosen MC can be overwhelmed by the sheer responsibility of managing and delivering all the small elements that you have planned into your event. Having an experienced MC in control allows you and your guests to relax and enjoy the celebration.