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With Frank, your delegates and attendees get pure energy, engagement and a polished professional who understands the needs of Corporate clients and guests. Frank holds an MBA as well as Qualifications in Marketing & Training and has worked in various Management roles over many years. His passion, communication and organisational skills coupled with his fine eye for detail ensure your corporate event happens exactly as planned.

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When planning a Corporate event one of the most important elements is timing. From the moment you welcome you guests and delegates you need to ensure that your event not only runs to time but that all your delegates and guest are kept informed of proceedings. Frank works very closely with your event team, planners and stakeholders to ensure that the timeline in your brief is delivered seamlessly.


Having worked in Management roles for many years and studied to MBA level, Frank is suitably qualified to understand the needs of the corporate client. Frank believes that his role as an Event Host and MC is to represent the Client, enhance your brand and market image and deliver your message with his clear and concise voice and manner.


From your first enquiry Frank will be working with you, sharing your vision and ideas, and giving freely of his own experience. With his unique insight, experience, and uncompromising levels of service, he is able to offer advice on planning, schedules and timing, and all the details that make an event memorable. On the day Frank will be on hand to manage all aspects of your event discreetly and professionally both on and off the microphone. If you are hosting 50 or 1,000+ guests and delegates, Frank would welcome your enquiry to be the “Master” of your Ceremony or Event.

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Let's Start Creating Your Unforgettable Event